Usability Tips and Updates Note: The complete list of updates can be found in the tutorial

  • Tip: Hovering the mouse cursor over an input element or the corresponding text label enables the tooltip
  • Tip: You can analyze your data on your own computer using a command line utility, or API access. Check out the Genonets Python package
  • Update: For alphabet type 'DNA', it is now possible to specifiy whether or not reverse complements should be considered
  • Update: The 'Overlap' analysis now provides two additional genotype set level parameters

Processing Mode You can either perform analyses, or upload a visualization input file for visualization only

Genonets input Parameters required to run the analyses. Note: All parameters are mandatory unless explicitly marked as 'optional'

(Lower bound on quantitative phenotype)

Note: Analysis type 'Evolvability' is always included, and is therefore not listed here

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Citation Please cite the following article when you use the Genonets Server or the Genonets package in your work.